Portico Landscaping Garden

Having more than 10 years of extensive knowledge, Ground Work can cater to your requirements of a Portico Garden. Since living space is gradually decreasing, people are showing more interest in vertical gardening. This is where Portico Gardens comes to the aid.

Whether you reside in a high-rise building or a cottage, this garden can enhance the beauty of your entrance. Making use of some floral coloured stones, flowers and shrubs, the Portico Garden is the ultimate choice for people having a liking for Roman lifestyle.
portico garden

Advantages of Portico Garden

  • The shrubbery and evergreen plants can be maintained with little attention.
  • The vivid colour used acts as a visual treat for residents, as well as, guests entering or leaving the house.
  • Colourful Portico Garden makes your entrance look spacious.
  • Option to choose from a wide variety of potted plants.
  • Decorating with some herbal plants also comes handy at times of need.

Why Ground Work Is The Perfect Choice For Portico Garden?

  • Having undertaken numerous commercial and residential projects, we have a long list of satisfied clients.
  • Work closely with clients from all over India and design effective plans depending on their budget.
  • Amend the soil before carefully installing the plant materials, to enhance the longevity of your Portico Garden.

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