Landscape Home Garden

Introducing Landscape Home Garden

Ground Work is an independent and creative landscape provider of different landscaping services in Kolkata. We offer a wide range of services that help you decorate your home garden.


We are here with a good reputation for more than 10 years and give you 100% satisfaction with high-quality services.

Landscape Home Garden

Why need landscape Home garden?

Gardening is not a new concept in this country. Almost every home has a backyard garden. But, the contemporary masses start thinking about the modern needs of garden landscaping method to decorate their home.

Type of gardens

  • Modern Garden
  • Traditional Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Oriental Garden
  • Mediterranean Garden

Our design procedure at a glance

Fountain and other water features: According to the criteria of the trendy masses, water bodies and different kinds of fountain are in demand. And fortunately, we are here to cater to all kinds of contemporary water bodies that are apt for your home garden.

Rockery decks and other features: Rockeries create modern and a stony look that is the most favourite home garden idea for the contemporary masses. Various kinds of rockery that suit your home are provided by us as per your requirements. We also cater to you decking that are both durable and stylish for your garden. Bespoke pergolas are the special feature that we cater.

Why Choose us?
  • With more than 10 years of experience, we offer the modern and innovative garden services.
  • All our team men are experienced in modern technology applied in the garden service.
  • We offer bespoke designs and elucidations to have a green and refreshed living.
  • Client’s budgets and requirements come as our first priority.
  • We offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee and also assure you by the maintenance of the greenery.
Top Secrets to Create a Beautiful Terrace Garden
  • If the construction of your building has been done abiding the rules, it is strong enough to bear the weight of the heaviest tree.
  • The nutrients in the soil decide how well your plant will grow. Create the ideal soil by mixing regular soil, vermicompost, and sand in appropriate quantity.
  • For first time gardeners, start by growing a single vegetable in a small pot and gradually expand your veggies.
  • A terrace garden can grow a wide variety of veggies like chillies, okra, brinjal, beans, tomatoes, lime, and cucumber, to name a few. Root veggies like carrot, potatoes, groundnuts, and radish can also be grown if you have a large roof.

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