Factory Garden

Introducing landscape factory garden

Ground Work, provides a complete range of landscaping services for the factory garden to completion for clients all over Kolkata especially the business-oriented areas of the city. We are a qualified and experienced company to provide every aspect of landscaping requirements.

As a veteran service provider for more than 10 years in this city, we have been counted among those few landscaping companies that are available for the best factory services in garden landscaping.

Factory Garden

Why need garden landscaping in factories?

There are no direct connections between the business houses to the garden landscaping which are apparently mismatched with each other. From the point of hospitability and regulation, a business farm needs to be warm and welcoming for the clients as well as the employees. A planned garden landscaping service plays a vital role here.

Our design procedure at a glance

  • Wall fountains and other water bodies: Water bodies in workplaces create a magic that reduce the workload and also keep your mind cool while you have to meet the deadlines. Wall fountains are the most modern outcome of this idea.
  • Stone, deck and other solution: The beautiful scenario of a business firm that is decorated with different kind of decorative stones enthuse the employees as well as the clients when they visit. Also, beautiful decking consists of seating arrangement helping the visitors or the interviewers take rest.
  • Fountain and other water features: According to the criteria of the trendy masses, water bodies and different kinds of fountains are in demand. And fortunately, we are here to cater to all kinds of contemporary water bodies that are apt for your home garden.
  • Rockery decks and other features: Rockeries create modern and a stony look that is the favorite home garden idea for the contemporary masses. Various kinds of rockery that suit your home are provided by us as per your requirements. We also cater to your decking which is both durable and stylish for your garden. Bespoke pergolas are the special feature that we cater to.

Why choose us?

  • We have been providing our proficiency in all aspects of landscaping to our clients for over 10 working years.
  • We are specialized in the field of catering the water features including ponds, wall fountains, and garden fountains that can provide any garden with an attractive look and cool relaxing ambiance.
  • The decks that we provide are made of the best quality durable and affordable timber.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction and the workers are well-trained and give their best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Want to know more about our Factory Garden Service? Feel free to contact or call us now at +91 33-40137000