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Ser no Name of client Address Type of garden Year of work
1 Gainwell Cat Asansol Modern 2019-2022
2 Centuary Ply Taratala, Kolkata Modern 2022
3 Berger Paints Ballygunge & Park Street Modern 2018
4 Mrs. Maneesha Agarwal Lee Residency, Lee Road Roof garden 2007
5 Mr.I.P. Tantia CD 43,Salt Lake Traditional garden 2008
6 Mr.Utpal Das CD341,Salt Lke Roof garden 2009
7 Mr.Rahul Tantia DD30,SaltLake Banquet terrace 2012
8 Mr. Biswajit Ghosh South City tower 2 Modern terrace 2013
9 Mr. Kailash Agarwal Parnasree Green condominium Main entrance 2014
10 Mrs. S. Rungta Manikala(Maniktala) Modern terrace 2014
11 Mr. Shilajit Ghosh (Fort)Bedi Bhavan, Golpark Oriental terrace 2014
12 Dr.Satyajit Bose Durgapur 3 level garden 2014
13 Roychowdhurys' Mandeville gardens Modern garden 2014
14 Mrs. Saswati Mukherjee Mayfair Road Modern garden 2015
15 Mr. Tibrewal Ballygunj Park Road Veranda scaping 2015
16 Villa no.21 resturant Ballygunj Park Road Mediterranean garden 2015
17 Kabir Siddique Ballygunj Circular road Hush showroom 2015
18 ISP Gloves Topsia Modern terrace 2015
19 Mrs. Sarla Modi Sanjeeva town Ornamental garden 2015
20 Mr. Deepak Kapoor Circus Avenue Ornamental garden 2015
21 Mrs. Jyoti Bhartia Tirumani, Ballygunj Phari Modern terrace 2016
22 Mr. Bajrang Lohia Guwahati 3 level garden 2016
23 Mr. Alok Prakash Jeevanram Sheodutrai Factory garden 2016
24 IICP Taratola Terrace garden for the 2016
25 Mrs.Chandni Siddique Rajnigandha, Ballygunj Park Road Veranda scaping 2016
26 Mr. Kailash Agarwal New Alipur Modern terrace 2017
27 Mrs. Preeti Ganesh Southern Avenue Veranda scaping 2017
28 Dr. Vinay Mahendra Upohar Modern terrace 2017
29 Mrs Surekha Mimani Mani Towers,James Long Sarani Modern garden 2017
30 Mr. Nirmal Banerjee Barisha Behala Traditional garden 2017
31 Berger Paints, G.M. Bunglow Ahiri pukur Road, Ballygunj Traditional garden 2017
32 Mr. S. Agarwal Babylon apartment, Alipur Modern terrace 2017
33 Mrs . Yashodhara Khaitan 10 Queens Park Zen Garden 2017
34 Basil Heights 3,C Loudon Street Building garden 2017
35 Mrs . Priya Agarwal Rajat Gardens,Ballugunj Park Road Veranda scaping 2017
36 Mr. Subir Bose Lake Grdens Modern terrace 2017
37 Dr.Sachin Verma Upohar Modern terrace 2017
38 Berger House 197 Park Street, Kolkata Modern terrace 2018
39 Mr. Gopal Agarwal 740, P Block , New Alipur Modern terrace 2018
40 Mrs. Divya Agarwal 6, Ashoka Road, Alipur Veranda scaping 2018
41 Mrs. Brinda Mukherjee Sothern Avenue Veranda scaping 2018
42 Dr. Namrata Biswas Merlin Projects Modern terrace 2018
43 Mrs . Shalini Sen 2 Ashoka Road Modern terrace 2019
44 Mrs. Divya Jalan 14, Ballygunj Circular Road Traditional garden 2019
45 Dr. Satyajit Bose Columbia Street, Durgapur Park 2019
46 Mr. Sisir Bajoria New Road, Alipur Garden design 2018
47 Mr. Vardhan Jaiswal N A 3 Sanjeeva Town,New Town Zen Garden 2019
48 Dr. Dipankar Sen Durgapur Garden design 2018
49 Mrs . Neha Singh 6 ,Gurusaday Road, Ballygunj Modern terrace 2019
50 Mr. Vishal Agarwal S. P. Mukherjee Road Modern terrace 2019
51 Crown Reality Projects Konnogor Garden design 2019
52 Mr. Dilip Agarwal 5 Queens Park Terrace design 2019


  Testimonials for Groundwork  Name of the client Address Comment
1 Berger Paints Ahiripukur Road, Ballygunj Our experience with Goundwork for the past 
  Mr. Moloy Sarkar Berger House, Park Street two years have been of great joy.From the 
      dilapidted garden to it's present transformed look has 
      been such a pleasant journey . The roof of the same 
      bunglow is now is beautifully green too.
      Our Park Street office terrace is a modern garden
      which is also designed and executed by Groundwork.
      Many of our meetings are held in this beautiful green
      space and everyday our staff has the luxury of going
      to the terrace for a breath of fresh air.
2 Anil & Dr. Mrs Madhu Changoiwala Shambhunath Pandit Street I'm a doctorate in botany so I have keen interest in plants .
    Kolkata Sonali has been teaching me bonsai for the past fourteen
      years. Her knowledge in horiculture is immense and she 
      is extremely dedicated and hardworking. My garden
      comes first in the summer and winter competion every
      year thanks to her guidance.
3 Mrs. & Mr. Gopal Agarwal 740 P Block, New Alipur Our terrace was used for hanging clothes so we never 
      bothered to go up.Grounwork transformed this space
      into a beautiful garden with a lawn, fountain a pergola
      and beautiful flowering shrubs ,hedges, groundcover
      and seasonal flowers. My elderly father now comes up to
      terrace to enjoy nature and we do our exercises in this
      green space. Friends love the parties we have up here.
4 Ms.Priti Ganesh Suthern Avenue My old house had two large veranda's and I wanted
      some greenary in it. Now I have a beautifully designed
      garden complete with Shrubs, bromeliads, orchids,
      air plants, hanging plants, flowering hedge and colourful
      seasonal flowers. No wonder I win awards for this space.
      Thanks to the extremely efficient team of Groundwork.
5 Mrs.Shalini Sen 2 Ashoka Road My rooftop garden was in a very bad condition so I called
      Groundwork to fix the situation . The roof had to be 
      completely pulled out and we found out the base was
      in a mess. No wonder I had problems of water leakage.
      They have fixed up the entire terrace for me and have
      given me such a hassle free terrace design that is so
      easy to maintain.
6 Dr. Satyajit Bose Mission Hospital , Durgapur The three level garden at my house has been designed
      and excecuted by Groundwork. I get complements from
      friends and relations all the time for  owning this lovely 
      garden. We are lucky to have them with us to create another 
      garden right infront of my house with a huge lawn, pergola,
      under the tree seating, a large waterbody with a fountain,
      orchard, vegetable garden and a zen garden.
7 Visahal Agarwal S.P. Mukherjee Road My house terrace , a portico and a patio is being made at 
      my place. The design given by Grounwork and the journey
      of getting it made is keeping me all exicted. Waiting
      anxiously to use all the green space I will soon get to